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Transform your school with our intuitive and feature-rich apps, designed to seamlessly integrate with your school systems and bring the college community together.

The cohesive community experience.

With all the necessary information and services in one convenient place, it's easier than ever to stay organised and connected.

One place, everything school

Our branded school app brings all of your existing school systems together in one convenient place, saving your community time and streamlining your daily tasks.

Brand Extension

Our school apps are designed to align with your college's brand identity while seamlessly integrating with your community's devices. This means you can provide a consistent, professional experience to your students, faculty, and parents, without compromising on usability or aesthetics.

Privacy by Design

We take the security and privacy of your school's data seriously. Our mobile apps make encrypted calls directly to your school systems without intermediaries, ensuring that your sensitive data remains safe.

Customisation and Monitoring

Our user-friendly web dashboard allows college admins to customise the configuration of modules, images, and colour schemes with ease. Administrators can also monitor app engagement, providing your school with actionable insights into how your app is being used.

Always in the loop

Get instant updates and access to important information; parent and student communication has never been easier!

Schoolbox news

Embrace the power of the comprehensive Schoolbox news module to deliver targeted push notifications.

Schoolbox social streams

Collaborate with members of your Schoolbox class and group pages on the go with enhanced communication notifications.

News engagement statistics

Eliminate the uncertainty of whether your parents are keeping up with your notices. With our app and Schoolbox, you'll always know they're in the loop.

Realtime in-app notifications

Stay connected and informed with our app's advanced notification system. Powered by industry-leading websocket technology, our app delivers real-time updates and syncs statuses with Schoolbox.

Notification read status sync

Instantly update read status across the app and Schoolbox web portal. Clearing notifications on one platform removes them from your device's lock screen.

The Calendar

Stay organised and never miss an important date with our comprehensive calendar suite.

Centralized Event Management

Our calendar solution provides a centralized location for managing all of your school events. With the ability to consolidate extracurricular activities from Schoolbox and other integrations configured in the admin dashboard, your community can easily keep track of all events in one place. Your community can stay up to date with all relevant information in a user-friendly, intuitive interface.

Streamlined Event Attendance

Our app's Schoolbox event attendance module is designed to foster collaboration and connection within your college community. With this feature, school staff can create and manage events, invite attendees, and easily track attendance. Students, faculty, and parents can stay up to date with event changes and updates on the go, enhancing attendance tracking and providing a streamlined experience for your school community.

One Feed

We bring together all the information your community needs in one place, including news from Schoolbox and your college website, as well as any other integrations you configure. No more frustration, no more searching for information - just a streamlined, easy-to-use solution for staying informed.

Everything Schoolbox, in the one place

Inklass's Schoolbox integration is the most comprehensive on the market, with all processing happening locally on your device and communicating directly with your tenant.

Class & group social streams

Inklass offers a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for teachers to send messages to class pages and for students to stay engaged. And for parents who have questions about excursions, our messaging functionality allows relevant teachers to receive notifications and respond quickly and seamlessly on the go.

User pages

Our school app integrates with Schoolbox, giving parents, students, and staff the ability to view user pages on their devices. If configured, we also use the Schoolbox internal mail module to allow users to send emails within the app to other users. This makes it easy for parents and students to contact teachers directly from the app. And for staff, it's simple to search for any student and access their Schoolbox timetable on the go, eliminating the need to search elsewhere.


Inklass offers a range of parent modules to keep parents engaged in their child's learning. From convenient attendance tracking to real-time grades and important notices, parents can easily stay informed and involved in their child's education.

Dynamic Banner

Dynamic Banner adjusts its content dynamically based on its context, allowing it to be used for everything from college branding and marketing to displaying the current or upcoming period, weather data, quotes from your quotes library, or even videos. Configure it in realtime using the admin dashboard.



Marketing Videos

Marketing Images

Schedules & Events


Continuous Reporting

Our app keeps parents and students engaged in the grading process in real time by allowing them to view feedback as teachers mark their work. They can access this feedback on the go and will receive push notifications when it becomes available. This helps to ensure that parents and students are always up-to-date on the progress of their work and performance.

Inline grading

With Inklass, parents and students can easily access teacher feedback on assignments, which can help improve their work quality. No longer will they have to search for feedback - it will be at their fingertips, allowing them to make quick improvements.

Assignment Reminders

The Inklass app includes on-the-go reminders to help students stay on top of their assignments and parents to monitor their progress. With push notifications, students receive timely reminders for overdue work and upcoming deadlines. Students can also easily respond to teacher requests and complete their work directly within the app, keeping everything organised in one place. These reminders help students stay focused and on track, ultimately leading to improved academic performance.

Learning Moments

Leverage the power of Schoolbox's fantastic learning moments system, which allows educators to capture student work and gain a wholistic insight into a student's performance and progress. With this powerful tool, educators can easily track and monitor student work, providing valuable insights that can inform their teaching and support student learning.

iPads in the classroom

Our app can be deployed through your Mobile Device Management (MDM) provider and used by students in primary classrooms on their iPads to enhance their learning experience. The app includes industry-leading document scanning capabilities that can be easily accessed and used through the device camera. This allows students to capture and save their work on their assigned devices.

Young learners at home

By leveraging the widespread availability of iPads, we are able to offer a convenient and user-friendly way for students to participate in their learning and share their progress with their educators.

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